Evangelization Essentials: Ten Simple Strategies for More Effective Ministry

We all recognize the call to carry out the New Evangelization in the Catholic Church today, but what does that really require? You might be asking yourself:

  • What forms of evangelization will really work today? 
  • Am I capable of carrying these things out? 
  • Do we have enough resources in our parish to even create a thriving church? 

It's easy to get overwhelmed. Everywhere you turn today, we hear the doom and gloom about our Church's dropping numbers. It's easy to overlook the positive. There are, right now, a number of people showing a new approach to ministry. These leaders are showing new and simple ways to create evangelizing ministries. 

Using strategies and stories from his book To Heal, Proclaim, and Teach, Jared Dees offers ten highly practical and easy-to-implement approaches to evangelizing ministry that have the potential to transform your parish. These approaches are based on the work of thriving ministers and ministries seeing growth in the number of people who are passionate about the Catholic faith. 

You will be able to immediately implement all of the strategies presented in this webinar. No strategic planning meetings or big programs will need to be scheduled. No special gifts in preaching or teaching are required. You will get simple, effective ways to start transforming yourself and your ministry today.