5 Ways to Bring Your Parish to Life using the First Spiritual Exercises

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Get the webinar handout mentioned at the end of the presentation: How to Give an Ignatian Spiritual Exercise

This webinar will give you the top five ways to use The First Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius Loyola in your parish. After a short general introduction, the methods are explained.

You will learn, through points and practice, the power and simplicity of the prayer form of the Ignatian "Spiritual Exercises."

You will be guided through the powerful dynamic of a week of these exercises made together—a resource of real grace in the hands of the Holy Spirit.

The map of The First Spiritual Exercises retreat will be explored, revealing the full transforming experience of giving a retreat on daily life in your parish. The book of The First Spiritual Exercises offers four such retreats.

You will experience particular exercises for sacramental preparation, marriage enrichment, personal healing, and deep reconciliation. Whether you are involved in RCIA, adult faith formation, or marriage preparation and enrichment, you will hear how great traditional methods of prayer can be taught in refreshing and engaging ways.

You will be taken on a tour of an unmatched collection of Ignatian prayer helps, aids, and tools. With these your parish ministry will have greater depth and effectiveness, for when you use them, you bring people face to face with their personal God. You will feel holy desires rise in you, and you will become a more effective co-worker with Jesus in your parish.

The webinar will end with question and answer time. Fr. Michael Hansen may bring both clarity to understanding the First Spiritual Exercises and the experience that comes from seven years of real world road testing in parishes.