Learning Wisdom in the School of Your Own Life: Thomas Merton's Practice for Contemplative Prayer

In anticipation of Thomas Merton's 100th birthday celebration, author and Merton expert, Jonathan Montaldo, will provide parish ministers with a unique perspective on contemplative prayer and demonstrate how we can integrate it into our lives or the lives of the people we serve. 

Thomas Merton taught his novices a way of praying that would allow them to enter the school of wisdom provided by their most personal experiences. He taught a perspective for contemplative prayer through which his students could meditate upon a divine providence at work in all their significant relationships with persons, books, art, and everything they loved. 

In this webinar Montaldo will examine three key texts from Merton's journals that feature the monk's understanding of the value of his relationships with others as guidance for creating his own destiny to love and seek God. This teaching will instigate a new way of meditation as a practice for ourselves and for those we guide in spiritual formation.