Msgr. Stephen Rossetti's Thoughts on the Priesthood Today Webinar

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In this webinar, Msgr. Stephen Rossetti will talk about the challenges of ministering as a priest today in this increasingly secular culture. He will talk about the specific demands this secular culture makes upon the priests and how to stand up and prosper under the stresses and pressures the culture imposes.

His new book, Letters to My Brothers, is a series of personal letters to his brother priests, a kind of personal conversation between him and his brothers on the state of the priesthood with all its joys and problems.

Join Msgr. Rossetti, leading expert on the state of the priesthood in the United States and the CEO of Saint Luke Institute, in this presentation and discussion about what it means to be a priest today. This webinar and his book are both realistic yet upbeat and inspiring reflections on what it means to be a priest today.

This presentation is co-sponsored by SLIconnect (, the education resource of Saint Luke Institute.