An Introduction to Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction is the ministry of being a trusted companion for another person on their spiritual journey. It offers a person the time and space to discern, discover, and grow in their relationship with God, the sacred, and what they hold most holy. 

Today, the practice of meeting regularly with a spiritual director is growing all around the world and across traditions. It is having a profound influence on spiritual growth and contemplative attitudes worldwide. 

Spiritual direction has deep roots in the Christian tradition. Offering spiritual direction in your parish is a true gift that provides a way for people to grow spiritually and deepen their awareness of God’s presence and guidance in their lives. 

In this webinar, Colette Lafia, author and spiritual director, will offer answers to a series of questions: 

  • What is spiritual direction? 
  • Why is spiritual direction valuable? 
  • Who can be a spiritual director? 
  • How can you offer spiritual direction in your parish? 

Colette will also share how spiritual direction was a healing force in her own journey of surrendering and growing closer to God in a time of doubt and darkness.