On the Way of Catechesis: Highlights of History, Hope for Ministry

The Church’s catechetical witness burns as a fire across centuries and through lives of faithful service. We navigate the way ahead informed by this compelling history, which yields extraordinary witness along the way of catechesis.

For this webinar, Dr. Jerry Baumbach will (1) explore some contemporary perspectives and four characteristics for advancing catechesis; (2) consider selected highlights from major eras of the Church’s catechetical history; and (3) reinforce our looking ahead as a breathing community of living faith, still emerging, developing, and inquiring.

Indeed, our shared past informs our shared future for catechesis and the New Evangelization!

Webinar Reflection Questions 

1. How does your parish occupy a place of fellowship, discipleship, and hope for you? What image, person, practice, or term symbolizes this belonging?

2. What motivates you to carry faithfully the Gospel from your life to that of another? What does Jesus call you to do and to become as your ministry continues?

3. Whom do you rely on when discerning important matters of faith in your life? Why? How does prayer help to guide your discernment and reflection?

4. How might “dying” and “rising” occasions of life mark your way as you live by faith each day?

5. What scriptural passage informs your discernment and offers you hope as your ministry unfolds? Why this choice?