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Have you ever wondered why Mary holds such a prominent place in the Catholic Church, but not in other Christian churches? Perhaps you want to learn more about who Mary is and why she matters? Or how you can grow to love her more?

Ave Explores: Mary would like to help you find the answers to these questions and more.

Katie Prejean McGrady and the Ave Maria Press team share videos, podcasts, articles, and social media exclusives from contributors such as Jeannie Gaffigan, Claire Swinarski, and Michael O'Neill. These resources can be used individually or in classroom and parish settings.



Week 1: Getting to Know Mary

Welcome to Ave Explores: Mary. This week Katie Prejean McGrady, Sonja Corbitt, and Rev. Rafael Capó help you understand why Mary remains relevant in our lives and the life of the Church. Meg Hunter-Kilmer joins Prejean McGrady on the Ave Explores podcast. Look for a bonus article on social media later this week with Fr. Cassidy Stinson.

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Week 2: Talking About Mary

In Week 2 of Ave Explores: Mary, Fr. Edward Looney explains how Marian devotion is rooted in the Bible; Timothy P. O’Malley reveals Mary as a model for both women and men; and Leticia Ochoa Adams shares her deeply personal story of how the Blessed Mother comforted her following the death of her son. Fr. Anthony Sciarappa joins Prejean McGrady on the Ave Explores podcast. Check out the bonus podcast with Adams.

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Week 3: Looking to Mary

In Week 3 of Ave Explores: Mary, Claire Swinarski offers Mary as a model of true womanhood; Patrick Neve examines St. Joseph’s love and devotion to Jesus and Mary; and J.D. Flynn writes about his family’s devotion to the Rosary. Flynn also joins Prejean McGrady on the Ave Explores podcast. Check out the bonus podcast with Kristin Reilly of One Hail Mary at a Time.

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Week 4: Praying with Mary

Week 4 of Ave Explores: Mary explores Marian devotion. Katie Hartfiel looks at consecration to Mary; Rev. James Phalan, C.S.C., shares the importance of prayer; and movie buff Maria Morera Johnson looks at Our Lady in Hollywood’s Golden Age. Miracle Hunter Michael O’Neill joins Prejean McGrady on the Ave Explores podcast.

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