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Working with Bible Study Aids

July 14, 2014

Your school may be embarking on Elective Course A, Sacred Scripture, of the USCCB Doctrinal Framework. Even if you are not, Scripture study plays prominently in each of your school's required and elective courses. Correspondingly, making sure students are familiar with Bible study aids (e.g., Bible dictionaries, one-volume Bible commentaries, and Bible concordances) is an essential prerequisite for this task. Use the following exercise to introduces students to these tools.

Bible Basics for Teens

November 19, 2012

Earlier this year we had the honor of publishing an excellent introduction to the Bible by Franciscan University professor John Bergsma called Bible Basics for Catholics: A New Picture of Salvation History. Dr. Bergsma, who is a colleague of Dr. Scott Hahn, is known for his fun and creative drawings that illustrate the deep meaning behind the Old Testament biblical texts. He has a unique approach to teaching the Old Testament that all religion teachers can learn from and teens will surely enjoy.

Prophets Lesson Plan

October 25, 2011

A very large portion of the Old Testament focuses on the lives and messages of the prophets. The prophets played a very important and influential role in the history of Israel and the development of the Jewish people. They voiced a constant reminder from Yahweh that his people must worship the one, true God and treat others with dignity and respect.

Old Testament Timeline Activities

October 28, 2010

There are many events in the Old Testament for students to keep track of in a course on Scripture. Consider using the following activity suggestions for creating timelines and the websites that might provide helpful information.

The Nativity of St. John the Baptist

June 23, 2010

John the Baptist is connected with the prophets of the Old Testament while at the same time he acts as a model for the new Kingdom of God.

Old Testament Battles and Warriors Project

February 18, 2010

One way to grab the students' attention in a course on the Scriptures is to highlight the warrior-heroes and battles of the Old Testament.

Old Testament Themes

September 25, 2009

Dr. Daniel Smith-Christopher, the keynote speaker at the fifth annual Teacher Enrichment Day on October 10 at the University of Notre Dame, offers advice on reading the Old Testament.

Scripture Team Charades

March 01, 2009

This engaging warm up activity from Time Out: Resources for Teen Retreats by Sr. Kieran Sawyer works well as a fun break in any Scripture course.

Marathon Bible Reading

October 06, 2008

Pope Benedict XVI began a "marathon of Bible reading" on live Italian television on Sunday, October 5, while encouraging people world-wide—Catholics, Christians, Jews, Muslims, and all others—to spend some time with this sacred book.

Our Ancestors of Faith

March 11, 2008

Consider this activity to help the students recall their own Baptism and their own faith ancestors.

The Bible Lab

December 07, 2007

Here’s a sample of Dr. Smith Christopher’s favorite Bible Lab sample with a link to two more lessons.

The Prophets and the Advent Liturgy

December 05, 2007

Remind your students that the Book of Isaiah actually contains the work of more than one writer, from more than one time.

History of the Chosen People in 90 Seconds

January 03, 2007

Tired of needing days and weeks to teach the history of God's chosen people? Of course you are. Unfortunately, you'll probably need to keep doing that, but here is an extremely helpful aid when doing that.

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