With the Easter Vigil approaching, point out to your students how the nine Scripture readings recount the story of our salvation and help us to remember our ancestors of faith who at once prefigured Jesus Christ, Our Savior.

Also, consider this activity to help the students recall their own Baptism and their own faith ancestors. Suggest the following:

Activity Suggestions
Locate the baptismal records of your grandparents by contacting (via Internet, mail, or phone) the parish where they were baptized. Record information like date, place, name, and godparents.

Write a report on how the Christian faith originally came to the nation(s) of your ancestors.

Write a short essay or produce an audio or video presentation that shares what you learned about God and faith from one of your relatives.

Trace your family’s history on an ancestry site on the World Wide Web.

Develop a display with religious artifacts that are important to your family. Tell why they are so.

Arrange for a relative to tell his or her “story of faith” in a presentation to your classmates.

Resource Links
Provide the following website addresses that may help the students in research information about their families: