Thank you for your interest in Ave Maria Press. We are a Catholic book publisher serving the spiritual and educational needs of individuals, groups, and the Church as a whole. While many of our books address a wide ecumenical readership, our primary interest is in books for Catholics and Catholic institutions.

There are a number of areas in which we do not accept unsolicited manuscripts: fiction (for adults or teens), children's books (fiction or nonfiction), poetry, and accounts of personal conversion or private revelation. If your manuscript falls in one of these categories, we advise you to seek a publisher active in your area of interest.

While we receive hundreds of manuscripts annually, very few are selected for publication. If you wish to submit a proposal that you think is appropriate to our interest, please do so.

We ask that you submit a single document that contains the following components:

A working title and subtitle, a single paragraph describing the work, your reflections on why and how your book is unique, an annotated table of contents, and a sample of the writing (not the entire manuscript) — preferably the introduction and/or chapter one. Please also include a short author biography (not your complete CV), as well as links to your personal website and/or professional social media profiles if they relate your platform as an author. If available, please provide information on the number of unique visitors and/or followers.

We will not return a paper submission to you. You must provide a valid email address so we may contact you. We will not respond to your proposal by letter.

We will respond to you within three to four weeks. Understand that a review of a manuscript may require as long as several months, particularly if we are heavily backlogged or if we ask for an outside reader's opinion. There is no fee for evaluating your manuscript. However, time constraints do not permit us to offer detailed evaluations.


Please email your proposal to [email protected].