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The Catholic Bible You've Been Waiting For

Thoughtfully crafted by the world's premier Bible designers and featuring the trusted and elegant Revised Standard Version, Second Catholic Edition (the same translation Fr. Mike Schmitz is using for his Bible in a Year podcast!) this Bible is perfect for men and women, for individuals and groups, and for high school classrooms and adult faith formation.



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We all know that the Bible is the Word of God. But did you know that each time you open it, you enter into a personal conversation with the Lord?

The unique features and beautiful design of The Ave Catholic Notetaking Bible will teach you to listen to God’s voice through his Word.

As one of the most friendly and readable bibles on the market, the Ave Bible's generous margins for journaling and notetaking invite you to make this Bible your own and deepen your understanding of the Holy Scriptures.

What are you waiting for? Begin your conversation with God today. 

Available in both Hardcover and Imitation Leather Editions

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The Ave Catholic Notetaking Bible



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The Ave Catholic Notetaking Bible

(Imitation Leather)


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Readable and Uncluttered

The large font size, single-column format, and elegant style provide exceptional readability, which makes the reading experience more meditative and relaxed.

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Airy and Spacious

Extra-wide page margins allow plenty of room for journaling and notetaking without feeling cramped or too busy.

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Insightful and Theological

Throughout, you’ll find comprehensive references to the Catechism—a feature exclusive to Ave’s Bible. These references equip you to read the Bible in light of Church teaching. 

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Durable and Exquisite

The extra-thick, high-quality paper invites you to take notes, record your prayers and questions, and even doodle or draw and the beautiful design makes this a Bible you will cherish for years to come.

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Popular Scripture Contributors

This Bible includes both spiritual and practical wisdom from today's most notable Catholic scripture experts, including John Bergsma, Sarah Christmyer, Sonja Corbitt, Anthony Pagliarini, Mark Hart, and Meg Hunter-Kilmer, to guide you through your scripture study.

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Well-Loved Translation

The trusted and easy-to-read Revised Standard Version, Second Catholic Edition translation creates a highly readable experience without losing any of the elegance of the Word of God.

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Helpful Features

For easier reading and writing, this Bible has sewn, lay-flat binding for hassle-free notetaking, line-matched, Milo text for the best legibility, and two satin ribbon markers to help keep your place.

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Essays and Reading Plans

Contains valuable biblical backgroundinsightful essays, such as “Eight Steps to Becoming a Bible Reader” by Mark Hart, and curated reading plans for the entire year, Lent, and Advent to enrich the time you spend with this sacred book.

Bible Journaling Resources

Check out this Bible journaling resource page curated to help you use The Ave Catholic Notetaking Bible.

Essays and Reading Plans Include

“Overview of the Bible” by John Bergsma

“Introduction to the Old Testament” by Anthony Pagliarini

“Introduction to the New Testament” and  “Advent Reading Plan” by Sarah Christmyer

“Eight Steps to Becoming a Bible Reader” by Mark Hart

“How to Love the Word” by Sonja Corbitt

“One Year Bible Chronological Reading Plan” by Meg Hunter-Kilmer

Lent Reading Plan

More about the Contributors

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John Bergsma is a theology professor at the Franciscan University of Steubenville and author of Bible Basics for CatholicsNew Testament Basics for Catholics, and Psalm Basics for Catholics.

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Mark Hart is the executive vice president of Life Teen International and author of Ask the Bible Geek.

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Sarah Christmyer is the codeveloper and founding editor of The Great Adventure Catholic Bible study program and author of Becoming Women of the Word.

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Sonja Corbitt is known as the “bible study evangelista” and is the author of several multimedia Bible studies including Unleashed, Fearless, and Exalted.

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Anthony Pagliarini is an assistant teaching professor in the department of theology at the University of Notre Dame.

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Meg Hunter-Kilmer is a speaker, blogger, and itinerant missionary.

A Reflection of Our Heritage

As the first Bible published in our 155-year history, The Ave Catholic Notetaking Bible reflects the heritage of Ave Maria Press as an apostolate of the Congregation of Holy Cross, United States Province of Priests and Brothers, to be educators in the faith and to make God known, loved, and served through its books and resources.