Particles of Faith

A Catholic Guide to Navigating Science

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Publication date: October 10, 2016

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How can Catholics explain what the Church teaches about the relationship between science and faith? Scientist, writer, and scholar Stacy Trasancos gives us ways we can talk about how science and our Catholic faith work together to reveal the truth of Christ through the beauty of his creation.  

As a scientist who was led to Catholicism through her work, Stacy Trasancos has confronted some of the basic questions we all face. In Particles of Faith, she teaches us how to explain the symbiotic beauty between our curiosity expressed through science and our love of Christ and his Church.

Trasancos uses her own story, as well as encyclicals such as Pope Francis’s Lumen Fidei, the deep reflections of theologians such as St. Thomas Aquinas, and the exacting work of Catholic scientists like Rev. Georges Lemaître (who proposed the game-changing Big Bang theory), to show how science and faith are interwoven and meant to guide us on the path to truth. 

By the time you finish reading Particles of Faith, you’ll be able to answer questions about, generate discussion on, and explain why science helps deepen your faith.

Features & Benefits

  • Stacy Trasancos serves as editor emeritus of Catholic Stand. Its website reaches about a million Catholic readers.
  • Trasancos received a Templeton Grant through John Carroll University to develop a “Science in the Light of Faith” course to teach seminarians how to read scientific literature.

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Pages: 192

Trim size: 5.5 x 8.5 inches

ISBN: 9781594716577

Imprint: Ave Maria Press

  • “The perfect book for our time.”

    Particles of Faith is the perfect book for our time. Stacy Trasancos explains the most fascinating concepts of science in terms that anyone can understand. She cracks open the treasure chest of wonders we encounter as we examine science through the lens of faith.”

    Jennifer Fulwiler
    Catholic radio host and author of Something Other than God

  • “Stacy Trasancos precisely and methodically presents the harmony she has found.”

    “Many believers today feel caught between two seemingly contradictory worlds: that of their Christian faith and that of rational science.  Stacy Trasancos precisely and methodically presents the harmony she has found. Particles of Faith will no doubt be a gift to the more scientifically minded who mistakenly think they must check their brain at the door of the church.”

    Rev. Dave Dwyer
    Executive Director of Busted Halo Ministries

  • “Give this book to an atheist friend or any Catholic curious about whether faith can stand alongside science.”

    “Among many people today, it’s presumed that faith and science are at odds. We are encouraged to choose between the objective facts of biology or physics and the comforting pieties of religion. But, in Particles of Faith, Stacy Trasancos shows why this is a false choice through her own personal story as a scientist and a Catholic. She navigates many controversial touch-points between faith and religion such as cosmology, evolution, and quantum mechanics to reveal how science is supportive of the Catholic faith. Give this book to an atheist friend or any Catholic curious about whether faith can stand alongside science.”

    Brandon Vogt
    Catholic author, blogger, speaker, and content director
    of Word on Fire Catholic Ministries

  • Particles of Faith achieves what few works on science and religion attempt.”

    Particles of Faith achieves what few works on science and religion attempt—it discloses the inner life of a scientist whose professional journey culminates in a personal conversion and a mature, intelligent faith. Reminiscent of the approach of St. Augustine, Trasancos' combination of self-reflection, scientific discovery and theological insight could just as aptly have been entitled The Confessions of a Chemist.”

    Christopher T. Baglow
    Professor of Dogmatic Theology at Notre Dame Seminary

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