History’s Queen

Exploring Mary's Pivotal Role from Age to Age
Author: Mike Aquilina

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Publication date: September 11, 2020

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The Virgin Mary’s part in history doesn’t begin and end with her yes to God. Popular Catholic author Mike Aquilina points out that Mary is at the center of history from creation to the end of time and everywhere in between. In History’s Queen, you’ll learn about the many ways the mother of humanity has left her mark on the great events of time, not only as we see them in the Bible, but also in pivotal events such as Fatima, the battle of Lepanto, and the plague.

In this journey through two thousand years of Mary’s active participation in world events, each chapter of History’s Queen highlights a Marian intervention that is emblematic of a particular era, and opens our eyes to the ways in which Mary provides a vital key for understanding both our past and our future.

Mike Aquilina—author of The History of the Church in 100 Objects and editor of the Reclaiming Catholic History series—provides a fresh, fascinating, and classical view of history to today’s readers, exploring:

  • Mary’s centrality in the Church Fathers’ view of history;
  • Mary’s role in preserving Byzantium during the explosive rise of Islam;
  • Marian devotion in medieval Ireland that inspired generations of great missionaries;
  • Mary’s role in military victories at Lepanto and Vienna; and
  • the message of peace received by three shepherd children in Fatima that sustained the world through a century of unprecedented violence and apostasy.

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Explore Mary's Pivotal Role from Age to Age

Mary’s part in history isn’t just one decisive moment. She is everywhere in history, from the beginning to the literally apocalyptic end. With Christian eyes, we see her in the story of creation. We see hints of her throughout the Old Testament. When we finally meet her in the New Testament, we feel as if we already knew her. In History’s Queen, popular Church history author Mike Aquilina reveals Mary’s oft-overlooked role in an astonishing range of pivotal historical moments. Boldly reclaiming a Catholic tradition of affirming divine providence and miraculous interventions in human history, Aquilina opens our eyes to the possibility that the Mother of God is a vital key for understanding both our past and our future.

Where are Some Places You Will Discover Mary in History?


In 1917, Mary appeared as an angel to three children in Fatima, Portugal. At this time, Portugal was in the middle of a terrible and deadly war that was causing immense devastation in this community. However, Mary gave these “three little shepherds” and others hope when she preformed miracles for thousands of believers to behold.

The Battle of Lepanto

In 1571, Mary's protection came to the church's aide as the soldiers continually prayed the rosary in order to overcome the great power of the Turks and their reign throughout Europe. This battle is known to have conquered despair because it proved that Mary will protect her faithful people no matter the challenge that lay ahead.

The Plague

In the 1300s, the Plague was wrecking havoc throughout the entire world. Mary was used as an image of strength during this time (more specifically Mary's portrayal in the Pietà, where she is pictured cradling her Son) because more people could relate to the suffering she faced during her life.

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  • “Insightful and engaging.”

    “Drawing on Scripture, Catholic tradition, popular devotion, and some of the most significant moments of Mary’s miraculous intercession, Mike Aquilina’s insightful and engaging History’s Queen provides us with an opportunity for deepening our love for the Mother of God and growing our understanding of Mary’s unique role in salvation history.”

    Michael O’Neill
    The Miracle Hunter
    Coauthor of Virgin, Mother, Queen

  • “Impressive.”

    “A very impressive book that is much needed in our time.”

    Steve Weidenkopf
    Adjunct Professor
    Christendom College Graduate School of Theology
    Author of Timeless: A History of the Catholic Church

  • “Sensitive and significant.”

    “In History’s Queen Mike Aquilina deftly disentangles the various threads by which God wove Mary into the story of his Incarnation and love. It is a story that has delighted and challenged Christians from Genesis to Revelation and from antiquity to the present day, here told with sensitivity to its scriptural roots and its significance for how Christians define themselves through devotion to Mary as the Mother of God.”

    Rachel Fulton Brown
    Associate Professor of History
    The University of Chicago
    Author of Mary and the Art of Prayer

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