One Church

How to Rekindle Trust, Negotiate Difference, and Reclaim Catholic Unity

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Format: Paperback

Publication date: November 11, 2022

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Vatican II baby boomers, trad millennials, zealous converts, Christmas and Easter Catholics—these are some of the humorous stereotypes theologian Charles C. Camosy uses to explain the points of view that divide today’s Church.

He says that in spite of our differences, unity and healing can be found through the fullness of the Gospel and an authentic understanding of the Catholic faith. In One Church, Camosy offers a hopeful and practical field guide for the here and now by sharing what it takes to listen and love those whose views are different than ours and to understand how we are united in the Body of Christ, the Church.

Throughout the history of the Catholic Church there have always been fundamental differences about how the faith should be expressed—for example, between Peter and Paul, Jerome and Augustine, Franciscans and Dominicans, left and right, “Rad Trads” and Vatican II Catholics.

In today’s climate of polarization, getting to unity-in-diversity has never been more difficult. Where Sts. Jerome and Augustine shared their differences by letter, social media is the place where division is most noticeable—and vitriolic—today.

Camosy, founder and director of The Catholic Conversation Project, offers five principles of dialogue to build on our unity as the Body of Christ:

  • maintain a humble attitude;
  • avoid binary thinking and dismissive name-calling;
  • affirm and build on common ground;
  • make Christ the center of everything; and
  • lead with what you are for, not what you are against.

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ISBN: 9781646801527

Imprint: Ave Maria Press

  • “Timely.”

    One Church is a very timely and critical work in this sound bite/internet age.”

    Bishop Kevin Vann
    Diocese of Orange

  • “Tantalizing.”

    “I gobble up anything Charles Camosy writes, but his latest is especially tantalizing.”

    Cardinal Timothy Dolan
    Archbishop of New York

  • “An urgent imperative.”

    “Building bridges across political, ideological, religious, racial, and ethnic lines is a neglected and urgent imperative to advance the common good. Camosy offers challenging and wise strategies to begin with our own behaviors and attitudes rather than the shortcomings of others.”

    John Carr
    Codirector of the Initiative on Catholic Social Thought and Public Life
    Georgetown University

  • “Not a manual for compromising Catholic teaching.”

    “Anyone who knows Camosy will know that his book is not a manual for compromising Catholic teaching in conversation and dialogue, but rather is about how to engage in conversation and debate in a way that is less likely to reproduce already polarized hostilities, which bear no fruit.”

    John C. Cavadini
    McGrath-Cavadini Director
    McGrath Institute for Church Life
    University of Notre Dame

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