The Contemplative Heart

Author: James Finley

Format: Paperback

Publication date: January 1, 2000


James Finley recognizes the depth and range of today's spiritual yearning and refuses to settle for anything but its most profound possibilities. He opens our everyday living to the contemplative traditions, practices, and teaching that have been traditionally the preserve of the monk, and he does so without diluting them. The Contemplative Heart enables readers to realize that wherever we live, whatever we do, the richest possibilities of a contemplative life are within our reach-that they are in fact what we have been searching for all along.

Product Details

Pages: 224

Trim size: 6 x 9 inches

ISBN: 9781893732100

Imprint: Sorin Books

  • “Inspires, consoles, affirms, challenges.”


    “James Finley inspires, consoles, affirms, challenges, and convinces me of what he believes and teaches. His work has a profound depth, yet touches the commonness of our everyday existence. I will sit with this book for a long time and return to it often.”

    Joyce Rupp 
    Author of Open the Door

  • “A lovely and lyrical lesson.”


    “A lovely and lyrical lesson—one in which the medium is also the message about the contemplative approach to the direct realization of the presence of God. Finley's medication instructions, precise and poetic, are useful for people with all levels of contemplative experience.”

    Sylvia Boorstein
    Author of Happiness Is an Inside Job

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