Words of Faith: Rite of Penance (Acts of Penitence) [PDF License]


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Publication date: November 1, 2013

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Rite of Penance: Acts of Penitence (PDF License) is one of five Words of Faith bulletin inserts presented by the Notre Dame Center for Liturgy. It provides an overview of penitence, the further demonstration of our deep desire to live in a right relationship with God often taking the form of a prayer or act of charity.

The Words of Faith: Rite of Penance series explores key themes like contrition, confession, penitence, and absolution, offering an easy conversation starter for families on the way home from Mass to discuss this frequently overlooked and sometimes misunderstood Sacrament. By focusing on the words and actions of the Rite of Penance, these bulletin inserts offer an easy way to help parishioners become more comfortable with and discover the spiritual riches of this sacrament.

These five bulletin inserts maintain the practical, popular four-part structure of Words of Faith—We Pray, We Practice, We Believe, We Live—and are ideal to support ongoing, parish-wide catechesis of adult catechumens, candidates for full communion, and parents with children preparing for first Penance/Reconciliation.

These two-sided inserts can be used individually or in a series that spans five weeks and are adaptable to the pastoral needs of almost any Catholic community.

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