Seasons of Hope is a unique grief support program for Catholics that focuses on the spiritual side of grieving the death of a loved one. It invites those who mourn to accompany one another and to meet Christ through scripture, prayer, reflection, and simple activities that offer comfort and help to foster healing and spiritual growth.

The updated Seasons of Hope Leader’s Guide and four journals can be used by a parish grief ministry. Individuals are also able to use the journals for personal reflection and prayer. You can start with any of the four journals, each of which covers a standalone “season” of six sessions that each have their own theme rooted in a passage from scripture. Parish leaders may schedule the six-week seasons as fits the particular pastoral needs of each individual parish.

Seasons of Hope Leader’s Guide
Seasons of Hope Journal One
Seasons of Hope Journal Two
Seasons of Hope Journal Three
Seasons of Hope Journal Four
Seasons of Hope Facilitator Pack