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Growing in Sexual Integrity

Patricia Cooney Hathaway

How often have you engaged in a conversation about sexuality and the spiritual life? Sex is one of the most primal human forces that is often misunderstood and not discussed. Our spiritual lives are often considered private and personal to us. Thus, we are met with a thundering silence regarding both.In this webinar, Patricia Cooney Hathaway will discuss the relationship between sexuality and the spiritual life as an avenue of God’s grace. she will explore a positive view of our sexuality, suggesting that the very energy that moves us toward intimacy and communion with others moves us also to union with God.

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Practical Faith: Giving Young People a Catholic Worldview

Mallory Smyth, content manager at Walking with Purpose

Mallory Smyth, content manager at Walking with Purpose, will discuss historical trends that have led many Catholics to either misunderstand their faith or understand it apart from their everyday life. Smyth will dive into the practical ways that parents, teachers, and those working in ministry can pass along the Catholic faith in a way that captures the hearts of young people and gives them a worldview that can withstand the competing messages of their culture.

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Humility of Heart: Keys to Understanding St. Benedict of Nursia

Susan Muto, Lori McMahon

Considered the father of western monasticism, St. Benedict of Nursia discloses in his rule the central importance of humility of heart. He grounds his understanding of this virtue in the integration of ora et labora (prayer and work) for the whole of Christian life. In this webinar, Susan Muto and Lori McMahon of the Epiphany Association—which promotes the teaching and research of formative spirituality—will discuss the Benedictine tradition, its place in the context of Christian spirituality, and its implications for ministry and everyday living.

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