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Preparing for Lent in the Covid Crisis

Fr. Michael White, Tom Corcoran

Lent is a spiritually rich time and an excellent season to reach people outside the Church and to help your members grow deeper in their faith. While the opportunity for spiritual growth remains, the coronavirus crisis changes how we approach it. In this webinar, you will learn three practical steps you can take to help your parishioners get the most out of Lent this year.

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Mary, Queen of History

Mike Aquilina, Catholic author and speaker

When Christians tell their story, Mary is always at the center with her Son. Theologians, chroniclers, poets, and ordinary believers recognize that Mary’s “yes” to God is the pivot of the narrative. But that was not the end of her role. She remained with her Son to the end. She remained praying in the upper room with the primitive Church and has been with the Church ever since. Mike Aquilina, Catholic author and speaker, will reflect on how Mary has been active in history and in the lives of individual Catholics, including every one of the people in our parishes.

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Spiritual Exercises with Thomas Merton

Jonathan Montaldo

Thomas Merton, a Trappist monk acclaimed to be one of the most influential spiritual masters of the twentieth century, taught his novices that they should pray by "entering the school of their lives." In this webinar, Jonathan Montaldo, an author and expert on the writings of Merton, will present examples of spiritual exercises from Merton's journal writing to help us more fully become our true selves.

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So, You Want to Perform a Work of Mercy 

Mary E. Pezzulo, creator of the Steel Magnificat blog on the Patheos Catholic channel

Do you want to perform one of the corporal works of mercy with your parish, youth group, school, or family? You've heard God's call to love him through your neighbor and you're ready to get to work to get the whole community involved. Mary Pezzulo, author of Stumbling into Grace: How We Meet God in Tiny Works of Mercy, will share tips on how to perform the corporal works of mercy in a way that's compassionate, truly helpful, and transformative for your entire community.

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