Young adult faith formation is diverse, just as the Millennial Generation (born between 1982 and 2000) is diverse. Faith formation leaders know how to nurture the faith of children, parents, empty nesters, and elders. Young adults who are more spiritual seekers than mass goers challenge faith formation business as usual.

This webinar features panelists with a variety of young adult faith formation ministry experiences. These young adult ministers will offer creative and practical ways to help Millennials grow in authentic faith and in Christian community.

Panelists include Robert Feduccia, Amy McEntee, Gabriela Karaszewski, and Nicky Uerling.

Suggested reading before the webinar: “Faith Formation with Young Adults” in the April 2017 edition of the CL Magazine. NCCL Members will be prompted to log-in to view the article. Those new to NCCL can access the article for free with Promo Code “AFF” through October 1, 2017.