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Catholic Hipster: The Next Level
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Ancient Wisdom, Living Fire
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Lessons from a Troubadour
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The Enthusiast
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  • Featured Author

    Kevin Schmiesing

    Kevin Schmiesing lectures on Church history for Mount St. Mary’s Seminary and School of Theology in Cincinnati, Ohio, and serves as director of research at the Freedom and Virtue Institute.

  • Featured Author

    Rachel Balducci

    Rachel Balducci is a Catholic author, writer, blogger, speaker, and cohost of The Gist on Catholic TV. She teaches journalism at Augusta University.

  • Featured Author

    Fr. Blake Britton

    Fr. Blake Britton serves as a parish priest and assistant vocations director in the Diocese of Orlando. He is a regular contributor to the Word on Fire Institute’s blog and its Evangelization and Culture Journal. He also cohosts The Burrowshire Podcast with Brandon Vogt.

  • Featured Author

    Leticia Ochoa Adams

    Leticia Ochoa Adams is a Catholic writer, speaker, and a contributor to several books. Since her son Anthony’s death by suicide in 2017 she has focused her work being a witness to suffering and God’s healing.

  • Featured Author

    Everett Fritz

    Everett Fritz is founder and executive director of Andrew Ministries and has more than fifteen years of experience in youth ministry.