Marta Felber has worked as a counselor, social worker, and educational consultant in various locations in the United States and abroad. She did social work in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and counseling in the Palisades School District, Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Felber worked overseas as school counselor at the Cairo American College in Egypt and head of the counseling center for expatriates in Jakarta, Indonesia, a position she held for ten years. During those years she also served in a consultant role, working with teaching staffs at international schools in Nepal, India, and Bangladesh.

She returned to the United States and entered private practice in counseling, combined with leading groups and workshops. After the death of her husband, Felber wrote two books about the grieving process, Grief Expressed When a Mate Dies and Finding Your Way after Your Spouse Dies. She currently lives in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Books by Marta Felber