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What Is Liturgical Living?

The Church's liturgical calendar offers an abundance of meaningful practices and traditions that guide us through seasons of preparation, celebration, feasting, fasting, and remembrance, among others.

In this Ave Explores series, Katie Prejean McGrady delves into the practice of living liturgically and its profound significance. Katie and special guests—Steve Lawson, Kendra Tierney, Erica Tighe Campbell, and more—will explore practical ways to infuse the richness of the liturgy into our homes and daily routines. By embracing these traditions, we can deepen our faith and gracefully share them with our families, friends, and neighbors.


Teaser: Living Life Intentionally with Steve Lawson of Monk Manual

In this episode, Steve Lawson discusses how when we rush through life we can miss moments that matter most and offers insights on how to notice God at work in our daily lives.

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Week One: Introduction to Liturgical Living

Kendra Tierney shares practical ways to live the liturgical seasons at home and bring the faith alive for your children and families.

Check out a few simple activities from Living the Seasons to help you incorporate liturgical living into your household.

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Week Two: Liturgical Living is For All

Liturgical living isn’t confined to family craft projects or activities for CCD classes. For Steffani Aquila, liturgical living is an invitation for all faithful men and women to engage meaningfully with the rhythms of the year.

Enjoy more activities from Living the Seasons to help you incorporate liturgical living into your household.

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Week Three: Ordinary Time, Exceptional Living

Erica Tighe Campbell shares how while writing her book, Living the Seasons, she uncovered the profound significance of embracing both the present phase of life and the yearly cycle, recognizing them as invitations to align with God's purpose, design, and blessings.

Take a look at some activities you can do with your family while celebrating the feast day of St. Francis of Assisi from Living the Seasons.

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Week Four: Living Advent and Lent to the Fullest

Fr. John Burns explains how the natural ebb and flow of the liturgical year, especially with Advent and Lent as pillars of penance within the seasons, allow us to more fully celebrate what is worth celebrating and repent when we need to repent.

Learn more about unique practices to engage your family in these penitential seasons from Living the Seasons.

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Week Five: Celebrating Special Days

It all started as an idea to create silly socks for a saint’s feast day. From there, Scott and Elisabeth Williams turned their desire to share creative ways to celebrate something meaningful in the Church into their company, Catholic Concepts. Listen to the story about how this couple went from fun socks to creating other beautiful products to help Catholics grow in their faith.

Check out creative ways to celebrate the Baptism of our Lord from Living the Seasons.

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Week Six: Liturgical Living and the Domestic Church

When Elissa Tiprigan began searching for convenient and ready-to-use resources for liturgical living, she faced a challenge—there was a noticeable absence of such materials. However, undeterred by this, she viewed this gap as an opportunity to fulfill an important mission. In response to this, Elissa established Catholic Family Crate, a heartfelt initiative designed to assist families, including her own, in easily accessing uncomplicated tools and activities that infuse the joyful spirit of the Church's calendar into their everyday lives.

The feast day of St. Lucy is a favorite among Catholics. Take a look at some activities you can do with your family to celebrate this patron saint on December 13 from Living the Seasons.

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