It’s Friday, 3:42 EST, and there are 257 essays “Basil Moreau: Engaging, Minds, Hearts, and Hands for Faith” neatly stacked on my shelf.
The essays have all been written by Catholic high school students in honor of Blessed Basil Moreau’s beatification on September 15 at Le Mans, France. Fr. Moreau was the founder of the Congregation of Holy Cross which sponsors Ave Maria Press.

At this point, I’ve only glanced at their content, but from what I have read I’m much impressed. The mission of our religious education publishing is founded in the educational vision of Basil Moreau that pointed to a holistic learning approach in which “students try their learning in the world and so make prayers of their education.”

The deadline for the scholarship essay contest is now only a few minutes away. I notice 15 more essays waiting to be opened in e-mails. To all the students who wrote essays and to their teachers who encouraged them—thank you very much! We will announce the scholarship winner at our annual Day of Enrichment for High School Theology Teachers at Notre Dame on October 3.

In the meantime, here on the campus of Notre Dame, as we wind up the week, we look across the street and see the throngs of football fans gathered for tomorrow’s game with Michigan State.

With the essay contest nearly complete, maybe I can ask you and Bl. Basil for one more favor: a few touchdowns for the Fighting Irish!

Thanks again.