If you break down service projects into the following categories, how many projects can you add to this list? Feel free to share in the comments section here or on our Ave Maria Press high school teacher’s Facebook page.



Serve/train as a liturgical minister. As part of the school’s campus ministry, students can train as lectors and Eucharistic ministers for school Masses. Through the campus ministry program they can encourage fellow students to participate.

Evangelization. To evangelize means “to bring the Good News to others.” Concentrate on members of your peer group who are absent from their participation in the church. Invite a classmate to attend a weekend Mass with you and to share a meal with you after Mass.


Local Community

Hospital helper. Most hospitals provide several volunteer opportunities. You may be assigned to deliver flowers to the rooms of patients or to monitor visiting hours. Or, on your own, you may collect items for gift packages suitable for children (coloring books, art supplies, etc.) and bring them to the hospital.

Thanksgiving dinner. Arrange to sponsor a free dinner for the poor. Thanksgiving is the usual time for such an event, but you might consider another holiday so as not to duplicate the efforts of other community agencies. Work through your school or parish to host and help to sponsor such an event.


Larger Justice Issues

Care for the environment. Participate in a sponsored clean-up day for the environment or in maintenance for a local department of land management. Find out how you can participate as an individual or with a group of peers.

World hunger fast. Thousands of people in the world today continue to starve due to inequitable distribution of food. Organize a fast among your peers. Collect pledges in exchange for a one-day fast. Donate the proceeds to a world hunger agency.