Tell the students that they are going to pray for peace. Ask them to think of some family members and friends whom they have hurt (embarrassed, disappointed, teased, left out, disrespected). Then have them think about some people who have hurt them. Next, say:

I am going to pass out a note card (3"x 5” slips of paper) to each person. I would like you to use the following sentence starters (write on the board) or your own words to write a note to someone containing three or four constructive ideas for making peace in your relationships. These notes won’t be delivered, though you should write them as if they were going to be given to the people you thought about. Some of the items on the note cards will be read anonymously to help us continue our prayer. Write a number or symbol on your card to help you reclaim your card after our prayer.

Sentence Starters
I promise to . . .
I never meant to . . .
I am sorry for . . .
I can make things better between us by . . .

Next, pass out the 3” x 5” slips of paper. Allow time for writing. Then collect the cards. Distribute copies of lyrics to a Christmas carol that speaks of peace. Lead a singing of verse one. Then read anonymously several of the ideas for making peace from the various note cards. Read only one or two items from each card, and replace any names or nicknames with initials.

After you have gone through about half of the pile, lead singing of verse two of the Christmas carol. Then continue reading ideas from the other note cards in the pile.

When all have been read, ask everyone to stand around a classroom Christmas creche. Conclude by leading the following prayer from a responsorial psalm of Christmas Day.

Sing a new song to the Lord!
Everyone on this earth,
sing praises to the Lord,
sing and praise his name.

R: A Savior is born, Christ the Lord.

Day after day, announce,
“The Lord has saved us!”
Tell every nation on earth,
“The Lord is wonderful
and does marvelous things!”

R: A Savior is born, Christ the Lord.

Tell the heavens and the earth
to be glad and celebrate!
Command the ocean to roar
with all of its creatures
and the fields to rejoice
with all of their crops.

R: A Savior is born, Christ the Lord.