Ask your students to list three favorite places for prayer (e.g., in their rooms, in nature, at church, while driving, etc.). Then have them write a paragraph naming their top favorite places to pray and explain why.

Have the students share what they have written with a partner.

Create a grid on the board or screen that tallies all of the favorite places to pray. Call on some students to share their favorite place with the entire class.

Finally, print these Gospel references on a worksheet or where all can see. Ask the students to look up the references in the Bible and write the names where Jesus prayed.

  1. Luke 5:16
  2. Luke 6:12
  3. Mark 14:32
  4. Matthew 21:12-13
  5. John 17:1
  6. Luke 23: 34, 46


  1. Desert
  2. Mountain
  3. Garden (Gethsemane)
  4. Temple
  5. at the Last Supper
  6. on the Cross