Pentecost Sunday is approaching. Create a worksheet with the following Scripture passages. Pass out one worksheet and one Bible to each student. For each passage, have them write a sentence telling what it says about the Holy Spirit. When completed, discuss and check their answers.



  • Genesis 1:1—2
  • Genesis 2:7
  • Exodus 19:16-19
  • Exodus 37:1-14
  • Luke 1:26-35
  • John 14:14-17
  • John 20:21-23


  • Genesis 1:1–2:   The Hebrew word for “wind” is ruah. From the time of creation, the Spirit’s creative powers were active and present in the world.         
  • Genesis 2:7:   The Spirit also gives life to humans.
  • Exodus 19:16–19:   The Spirit—and God’s power—is revealed in thunder, lightning, and fire.
  • Ezekiel 37:1–14:   In the well-known story of “dry bones,” it is the Spirit who brings life from death.
  • Luke 1:26–35:   Jesus’ conception is brought about by the Holy Spirit who overshadows his mother, Mary.
  • John 14:16–17:   At the Last Supper, Jesus tells his Apostles not to be afraid for he is sending them the Holy Spirit.
  • John 20:21–23:   Just as the Spirit brought life to the first humans in Genesis, Jesus brings new spiritual life on the Apostles by breathing on them.