The infancy narratives in Matthew and Luke reveal much about the identity and mission of Jesus. Have the students look up and print the Scripture quotations to match the following descriptions. Then have them answer the question at the bottom. Have the students meet in pairs to discuss their responses after they have finished.


Jesus was born . . .

…in an insignificant, back-water country (Mt 2:6)

…to an oppressed people (Lk 2:1)

…far from home (Lk 2:4)

…in a barn (Lk 2:7)

…to an unwed mother (Mt 1:18; Lk 1:34–35)

…to an unmarried couple (Mt 1:18)

…into poverty (Lk 2:24)

…with a prophetic, but fairly common name (Lk 1:31)

…as a threat to power (Mt 2:16)

…with a death sentence hanging over him (Mt 2:13)

…on the run as a fugitive and refugee (Mt 2:13–15)

…as Messiah—Emmanuel—Son of God


What does this all tell you about Jesus?


In conclusion, set up a nativity scene in class and ask students to describe at least two things they known now about this scene that they after reading these Gospel passages.