Room 24: Adventures of a New Evangelist chronicles the story of a freshman theology teacher at a Catholic high school in Lake Charles, Louisiana. Brimming with good humor and constant hope, the book demonstrates the practical side of evangelization, with all its ups and downs, joys and frustrations.

Katie Prejean candidly shares stories of failure alongside stories of triumph and examines the lessons these have taught her about her place in the world as disciple of Jesus.  Her unexpected, yet welcome transition from teacher of doctrine to proclaimer of love, reassures Catholics from every walk of life that they too can spread the Gospel of Jesus. She gracefully invites us to examine the unremarkable details of each ordinary day and find doors to open so that God's amazing grace can rush in.


On the call to teach theology:

“Those of us who have accepted the invitation and have chosen the Truth have an obligation to share what we know to be beautiful, fulfilling, and good. But herein lies a lofty challenge: extending an invitation to the Truth rather than forcing a point.  We may have sold our possessions and walked away from the world to follow Christ, at least in some way, but the majority of people to whom we are called to share the Truth have not even come close to doing that. We may believe in the Eucharist as the source and summit of our faith, but those to whom we are called to speak may think we’re crazy for consuming what still looks like bread and wine and calling it Christ. We may have five very detailed proofs for God’s existence and believe he is real, but the fourteen-year-old student who tells you he thinks God isn’t real doesn’t care about Aquinas’ arguments in the least. The goal is not to prove our point. The goal is to extend an invitation to believe. This is a critical first step in evangelization: to open our arms and invite others to approach the Truth we so dearly love, welcoming them and giving them a real chance to choose” (page 15)