Here’s an activity for your students when they return to school after Easter. Make copies of the Scripture Spiral. You can also make copies of the questions below to give to each student or read the questions one at a time as the students work to fill in the answers around the spiral. The last letter of one answer is also the first letter of the next answer.




  1. What did the women take to Jesus’ tomb? (Lk 24:1)
  2. In Matthew’s Gospel, what was the angel doing on the stone? (Mt 28:3)
  3. Who did Mary Magdalene think Jesus was? (Jn 20:15)
  4. How did Peter get to the tomb? (Lk 24:12)
  5. In Mark’s original ending, what did the women say to Peter and the disciples about the message given to them by the angel at the empty tomb? (Mt 28:16)
  6. Where did the risen Jesus meet with his disciples? (Mt 28:16)
  7. What natural disaster accompanied the angel’s descent? (Mt 28:2)
  8. What was the village seven miles from Jerusalem where the two disciples were traveling when they met Jesus? (Lk 24:13)
  9. What day of the week was the empty tomb discovered? (Mk 16:2)
  10. How did Peter answer Jesus’ question “Do you love me?” (Jn 21:16)
  11. Jesus breathed on his disciples and promised he would send the Holy ______. (Jn 20:22)
  12. In Luke’s Gospel, who appeared to the women inside the empty tomb? (Lk 24:4)
  13. What did the women’s story of the empty tomb seem like to the Apostles? (Lk 24:11)
  14. What did the risen Jesus want to do when he met with his disciples in Jerusalem? (Lk 24:41)
  15. What was the name of the sea where Jesus revealed himself to seven disciples? (Jn 21:1)


After the students have completed the Scripture Spiral tell them to use the circled letters on the spiral to answer the following question: What is the most important feast day in the Church Year?


Answers: 1) spices; 2) sitting; 3) gardener; 4) ran; 5) nothing; 6) Galilee; 7) earthquake; 8) Emmaus; 9) Sunday; 10; Yes; 11) Spirit; 12) two men; 13) nonsense; 14) eat; 15) Tiberias; Bonus) Easter.