Prayer against Crime and Violence

Lord God, crime is on the increase within our city and our country.

From the depths of our hearts we pray that you will comfort, heal, and bless all victims of crime.

We ask that you protect all people from the evil of crime and violence.

We pray especially for life-changing conversion for all criminals and the violent—

                remove all evil form their hearts,

                fill them with your goodness and love

        that they may cease their evil works

        and that our city and land be free from the

        scourge of crime and violence.

We pray also for the grace to purge ourselves of all violence—

                in our own thoughts and actions,

                in our family life,

                in our friendships,

                in relationships with others

Lord, I personal commit to refrain from violent acts or words

                To settle conflicts.

I further swear to teach others, especially our youth,

                that violence is too quick an answer

                that produces irreparable, life-long

                                and threatening results.



This prayer was composed by the people of St. Dorothy Catholic Church in Chicago, Illinois. St. Dorothy’s mission statement is as follows: “St. Dorothy Catholic Church is committed to ending violence against everyone—by raising awareness and understanding, education and personal development, promotion of diversity and spiritual partnership.”