PowerPoint can be a powerful tool for creating prayer reflections. Below you will find a sample Stations of the Cross PowerPoint prayer reflection and template that you can use to create your own Stations of the Cross PowerPoint. This could be something you create as a teacher or something you have your students use to create their own prayer services.

How to Create a Stations of the Cross PowerPoint

You can use the Stations of the Cross PowerPoint template or start from scratch. The major components of the template include the black background and the photo credits page. Be sure to use images that are either in the public domain or available for use with citation.

Finding Stations of the Cross Pictures

Though most people will likely use Google Image Search to find images for their PowerPoints, there is no telling whether those images are free for public use. To be safe, try using images from Flickr or the Web Gallery of Art.

If you wish to use Flickr, be sure to search and download images from the Attribution License photos. Go to http://www.flickr.com/creativecommons/ to find these images.

The Web Gallery of Art is another great website that presents images of many famous works of art. Images can be copied and used from that site as long as the images are used for education purposes.

The images used in the downloadable Stations of the Cross PowerPoint below were pulled from Flickr and the Web Gallery of Art and the final page is used to cite all of the sources of the photos. Unfortunately, the quality of the photos available for free that are not under copyright is currently lacking. It might be worth going to the local church or school and taking pictures of the Way of the Cross images and statues there and using these images to develop the PowerPoints.

Stations of the Cross PowerPoint Downloads

1. Stations of the Cross PowerPoint Template
2. Stations of the Cross Prayer Reflection