The website is a powerful home of presentations, PDFs, and videos. Many expert presenters have created model presentations that could act as inspirational for the next time you create a presentation.

Unfortunately for your students, a the standard presentation might include:

  • A title screen.
  • Bullet points and numbered lists
  • Slides that advance in and out with fading or movement
  • PowerPoint templates

However, more and more presentations are exploring different models that include:

  • Images with very little text
  • 3-D images
  • Text bubbles and boxes
  • Arrows pointing out key points in an image
  • Better fonts
  • Less information

The best way to use SlideShare to improve your presentation and PowerPoint lecture skills is to steal from the best. Do some searching in SlideShare for some good examples.

Here are some of the most popular presentations you might find:

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