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Episode 27

Exploring the Bible through an Adult Lens

Featuring Cathryn Torgerson-Wade


July 20, 2023 | 40 min.

“I want more of this (Bible),” 13-year-old Cathryn Torgerson-Wade told herself, “This is good information for life!” It was decades before she acted on that desire, but growing up gave her a new perspective on Scripture and a fresh vision of God’s love. The biblical school director explains why the first books of the Bible are foundational and provide a path for reading that moves from meeting God to learning how he meets us in the day-to-day.  

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Take Cathryn’s Favorite Scripture to Your Next Holy Hour 

Pray: Come, Holy Spirit, open my heart and mind to hear your word today. 

Read the Word: Isaiah 54:9–14  

(Read it in your own Bible to get the context, and so you can make notes. You might want to reflect on the larger section of verses 4–14.)

“For this is like the days of Noah to me: 
    as I swore that the waters of Noah 
    should no more go over the earth, 
so I have sworn that I will not be angry with you 
    and will not rebuke you. 
10 For the mountains may depart 
    and the hills be removed, 
but my steadfast love shall not depart from you, 
    and my covenant of peace shall not be removed, 
    says the Lord, who has compassion on you. 

11 “O afflicted one, storm-tossed, and not comforted, 
    behold, I will set your stones in antimony, 
    and lay your foundations with sapphires.[a] 
12 I will make your pinnacles of agate, 
    your gates of carbuncles, 
    and all your wall of precious stones. 
13 All your sons shall be taught by the Lord, 
    and great shall be the prosperity of your sons. 
14 In righteousness you shall be established; 
    you shall be far from oppression, for you shall not fear; 
    and from terror, for it shall not come near you. 

Ponder the Word: Read several times, lingering where it touches your heart. What catches your attention? What do you hear the Lord saying to you? 

Pray with the Word: Bring to the Lord what you have heard, and talk to him about it. Ask for his grace. Thank him for his loving care. 

Live the Word: How does what you read touch your life? What can you do this week to put it into practice?

Headshot of Cathryn Torgerson-Wade, director of curriculum and instructor for the Catholic Biblical School of MichiganCathryn Torgerson-Wade is the director of curriculum and a full-time instructor for the Catholic Biblical School of Michigan. She speaks on scripture in parishes and on retreats and writes articles on Scripture for diocesan and national publications. Her contributions to the Living the Word Catholic Women’s Bible include introductions to the books of the Pentateuch and Wisdom literature. For more information about the biblical school or to reach her go to the Catholic Biblical School of Michigan

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