The next Ave Explores series will focus on the health and cultural richness of Catholicism around the world. It will begin on February 21, 2021.

Ave Explores is a free educational series created to help Catholics explore aspects of their faith from a variety of angles, helping them take a look at topics that are relevant to their daily spiritual life in fresh, engaging, and practical ways. It's everyday faith for everyday Catholics.

While the core beliefs of Catholicism are the same everywhere, this four-week, multimedia series will focus on the diversity of practices, traditions, and the health of the Church in different corners of the world—in the Americas, Asia and Oceania, Africa and the Caribbean, and in Europe. Because Ave Maria Press is a ministry of the Congregation of Holy Cross, United States Province of Priests and Brothers, you'll get a special look at the work of Holy Cross across the sixteen countries in which its priests and brothers serve. You will also meet a new saint each week through art and the written word. 

Catch a sneak preview to Ave Explores: Catholicism Around the World, with two special editions of the Ave Explores podcast, Katie Prejean McGrady will talk with Cardinal Wilfrid Napier of South Africa (Feb. 17) and Archbishop Peter Comensoli of Melbourne, Australia (Feb. 19). The series runs from Feb. 21 to March 20.

The Ave Explores podcast is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Play Music, and is also located on Breadbox Media, Redeemer Radio, and Spoke Street Media.

Here’s some of the content—podcasts, videos, articles, and Facebook Live events—you’ll find during the four-week Ave Explores: Catholicism Around the World series:

•    Week 1 highlights the Americas and features J.D. Flynn, Fr. Harrison Ayre, Mariana Pimiento, and Brenda Noriega.
•    Week 2 highlights Asia and Oceania and features Fr. Rob Galea, Joseph Moeno-Kolio, and Liz Hansen.
•     Week 3 highlights Africa and the Caribbean and features Fr. Louis Merosne and Chika Anyanwu.
•     Week 4 highlights Europe and features Paul Jarzembowski, Leanne Bowen, and James and Catherine McCloughlin.

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