Anchors for the Soul

Daily Wisdom for Inspiration and Guidance
Author: Joyce Rupp

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Format: Paperback

Publication date: October 5, 2018

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Winner of a 2019 Catholic Press Association Award: Prayers (Second Place)

For more than thirty years, Joyce Rupp has been writing bestselling spiritual books that have accompanied readers through the seasons of life and helped them glimpse the Divine. In Anchors for the Soul, prayers, poems, blessings, and meditations from Rupp’s many works are brought together to offer daily wisdom that will guide you and keep you anchored to God throughout the year.

It’s easy, as we rush from one important thing to the next, for our days to feel off-balance, overwhelming, or even lacking in purpose. In Anchors for the Soul, bestselling author and retreat leader Joyce Rupp helps you root each day in the Holy One’s love and the promise of his faithfulness.

Anchors for the Soul, compiled by Kathy Reardon—a spiritual director, retreat leader, and nurse—contains pieces from such Rupp classics as The Circle of Life and Fragments of Your Ancient Name as well as such perennially popular works as The Cup of Our Life and Praying Our Goodbyes. This daily devotional touches on the themes that have marked Rupp’s work as you travel through the seasons of the year. She walks with you as you experience grief, embrace stillness, and see in your daily life the fingerprints of the Divine. She helps you welcome new life, practice selfless acts of kindness, and remember the gift that is the people in your life, all the while showing you glimpses of the heart of God.

Filled with Rupp’s characteristic prayers, poems, meditations, and blessings, this treasury provides a daily retreat to center yourself in the warmth of the Divine embrace and begin the day feeling renewed. Each day’s reading concludes with a practice to carry with you for the rest of the day that brings you back to your center and reminds you to be anchored in the Holy One.

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Pages: 400

Trim size: 5 x 7 inches

ISBN: 9781932057126

Imprint: Sorin Books

  • “Inspiring, inviting, uplifting, and enlightening.”

    “If you are looking for a guide to lead you through your moments of searching for the Holy One, you have found it. Joyce Rupp’s beautifully crafted words will companion you: inspiring, inviting, uplifting, and enlightening you day by day. Anchors for the Soul proves to be true to its name.”

    Macrina Wiederkehr
    Author of Seven Sacred Pauses

  • “A feast of daily readings.”

    “Drawing upon wisdom from some of her most beloved writings, Joyce Rupp offers a feast of daily readings. Filled with the issues she has bravely and beautifully explored, her writings are the fruit of her exceptional journey and an invitation to discover peace in our own centers.”

    Paula D’Arcy
    Author of Winter of the Heart

  • “A welcome and bountiful gift.”

    “If Joyce Rupp's soulful words over the years have been an anchor and guide for you, this gathering of her wisdom comes as a welcome and bountiful gift. If you are new to her writing, this is a wonderful entry point to have her companion you through all the days of the year. I highly recommend this rich volume to anyone longing for grace and insight to bless their days.”

    Christine Valters Paintner
    Author of The Artist’s Rule

  • “An important resource.”

    “This important resource collects so much of Joyce Rupp's wisdom in such a usable day-by-day format. Whether used as spiritual reading first thing in the morning, as a prayer companion before bed, or for a quick check-in during the day, these spiritual snippets can really help people stay anchored and grounded, especially in these tumultuous times.”

    Heidi Schlumpf
    Columnist with the National Catholic Reporter

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