Courage to Create

Unleashing Your Artistic Gifts for Truth, Beauty, and Goodness
Foreword by: Valerie Delgado

Format: Paperback

Publication date: April 19, 2024


You know God is urging you to use your creative gifts for his kingdom. But in a world that quantifies “success” by the fame and fortune that few artists achieve, how do you own your identity as an artist for Christ? In Courage to Create, host of Catholic TV’s “The Renaissance Room” Clare McCallan and her artist friends share their wisdom for overcoming common obstacles in the creative life to help you fulfill your artistic calling and truly serve the Lord.

Poet and performing artist Clare McCallan arrived in New York City determined to be one of the artists who “makes it.” She soon discovered, however, that there were hundreds of others just like her: eager, gifted, and broke. As she continued to ask God to help her become the writer she knew she could be, she noticed that her prayers were answered by other artists who started showing up in her life. Together, they created a supportive community for each other’s artistic vocations by transforming a dilapidated convent into the St. Joseph Home for Artisans. Through this experience, McCallan realized that what the world calls an artist and what God calls an artist are two different things.

In Courage to Create, McCallan and other Catholic artists highlight the crucial lessons they learned to help other aspiring Catholic creatives step into their birthright as artists made in the image of the Creator. McCallan weaves personal experiences and interviews to identify important principles that will help you create a satisfying life of creativity, community, and joy while bringing goodness, truth, and beauty into the world.

Each chapter introduces you to a member of her creative community with diverse artistic talents and backgrounds. Their stories serve as a source of hard-earned wisdom from people who have been where you are now, including

  • Connecticut House Representative and actress Treneé McGee, who discusses bringing the gift of truth to build bridges within your community
  • Tanzanian journalist, producer, and TED Talk personality Queen Carberry Banda, who encourages you to unleash your inner child's freedom to move and play
  • Oil painter and muralist Adam Moniz, who highlights the empowering effect of physical space in an artist's life
  • Writer, abuse survivor, and Spirit Fire advocate Teresa Pitt Green, who explores the connection between art and restorative justice
  • Designer and songwriter Molly Broekman, who shares the benefits of collaboration and mentorship

Throughout these chapters, you’ll also find “Artist Moments,” which offer space for personal reflection on your own creative journey. By connecting your story with those who have walked before you, Courage to Create helps you to take courage and find solidarity in the growing movement of young people betting it all on their faith, gifts, and vocation.

Product Details

Pages: 160

Trim size: 5.5 x 8.5 inches

ISBN: 9781646802876

Imprint: Ave Maria Press

  • “A vision of hope for the Catholic artist.”

    “With personable, conversational prose, Clare McCallan lays out a vision of hope for the Catholic artist. The mixture of vividly portrayed personal anecdotes and prayerful reflection assures us that a life dedicated to God through the creative process is indeed possible. McCallan invites all of us to be co-creators with God, the great Master Artist.”

    Emily Claire Schmitt
    Executive Director of Catholic Artist Connection

  • “Lives can be transformed.”

    “There is nothing more powerful than a testimony. I was moved and inspired by Clare McCallan’s vulnerability and reminded that there are no ‘small talents’ in God’s Kingdom. All we need to do is to trust God to work through our finiteness. As a singer and songwriter, I have seen how lives can be transformed through the beauty of music. I encourage you to read McCallan’s book, and discover within yourself gifts that God can use in a powerful way, if you will only let him.”

    Fr. Rob Galea
    Singer, songwriter, and author

  • “Brings artists back to the true source of creativity.”

    “In world where success in art is often quantified by production and results, Clare McCallan does an excellent job of bringing artists back to the true source of creativity, God himself. I was particularly moved by McCallan’s assessment of how suffering and woundedness become sources of creativity for an artist when understood in light of the Cross of Christ.”

    JohnMarc Skoch
    Singer, songwriter, and FOCUS Music Director

  • “Necessary.”

    “If you have ever wondered what your creative gifts might be and whether or not you should bother to explore them at all, this piece will charge and implore you to do so. Clare McCallan’s faith-driven narrative will show you how necessary it is to be, share, and embrace who you are and what you can do to bring light, love, and hope to our world.”

    Gracie Morbitzer
    Artist of The Modern Saints

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