Exploring the Religions of Our World (Teacher’s Manual)[Third Edition](PDF License)


Format: PDF License

Publication date: June 23, 2022

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This Teacher’s Manual provides thorough and creative strategies for teaching a course on world religions using the Exploring the Religions of Our World (Third Edition) student text.

Features of the Teacher’s Manual, written in wraparound format, include:

  • lessons and strategies to facilitate several different learning styles. Guides, approaches, rubrics, and questions and answers will assist your planning and assignment of each chapter.
  • three teaching approaches for each text section. Each approach is self-contained for one, fifty-minute class period with the option of adapting ideas and strategies from the other two approaches.
  • several “Extending the Lesson” assignments for enrichment.
  • answers to all Section Assessment items.
  • directions for referenced handouts. Handouts can be accessed at resources.avemariapress.com.

Additional resources, including tests and answers, YouTube videos, PowerPoints, worksheets, crossword puzzles, and much more are available at resources.avemariapress.com.

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Pages: 368

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Imprint: Ave Maria Press

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