In Full Bloom

Finding the Grace and Grit to Thrive Wherever You're Planted

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Format: Paperback

Publication date: October 16, 2020

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What do you do when you feel stuck and your life takes a detour from your grand plan?

Claire Swinarski, founder of The Catholic Feminist podcast, says that even if your life is not where you wanted it to be or you are in a time of transition or discomfort, God has planted you right where you are for a reason. In Full Bloom inspires you to see God’s grace at work and discover for yourself the grit and practical strategies to thrive no matter what life has thrown your way.

When your dreams don’t match reality, you have several choices:

You can wait for your situation to change.

You can leap blindly from change to change until something sticks.

Or you can do as Claire Swinarski suggests—thrive.

In Full Bloom explores strategies for thriving and experiencing God’s grace even when you’re not exactly living the dream. Searching for a career post-college? Longing for excitement while feeling trapped someplace miserable? Single and dreaming of a family? Enjoying a fantastic job in a great city but grappling with feelings of loneliness? No matter where you are, Swinarski offers a game plan for pinpointing what’s not working in your life, making strategic changes, and developing habits that will sustain you no matter what challenges the future holds.

Swinarski blends vulnerability, hard-hitting wake-up calls, and practical wisdom as she shares her own struggles, inspires with stories from The Catholic Feminist podcast community, and offers “soul-care” exercises to help you discover the faith and grit to grow into the life you’ve always hoped for.

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Pages: 128

Trim size: 5.5 x 8.5 inches

ISBN: 9781646800254

Imprint: Ave Maria Press

  • “Action, compassion, faith, and humor—she captured it all!”

    “One of the things I love most about Claire Swinarski is her ability to be real, authentic, understanding, and challenging. In this book, she challenged me to cultivate a strong community, be fully present for the season in which God has placed me, and get off my butt and be an active participant as a disciple of Christ. Action, compassion, faith, and humor—she captured it all!”

    Kathryn Whitaker
    Catholic blogger, speaker, and author of Live Big, Love Bigger

  • “A battle cry.”

    “Claire Swinarski’s In Full Bloom is rich with passion, truth, and encouragement. The battle cry of this book is a reminder to all Christian women that God has planted us where we are for a specific season or reason. Whatever that looks like for you, Jesus desires you to thrive, grow, and bloom as his disciple, and this book will help guide you in this growth.”

    Patty Breen
    Catholic speaker and writer

  • “Authentic and practical.”

    “Claire Swinarski brings authenticity and practical wisdom to the process of becoming that we all find ourselves in. No matter what season, situation, or heart state you find yourself in, you will find encouragement and a kindred connection with her in this book.”

    Sarah Kaczmarek
    Director of Pastoral Ministry
    Encounter Ministries

  • “An encouraging read for anyone looking for a little hope.”

    In Full Bloom presents readers with a journey into the darkness of life, but instead of framing that darkness as a shadowy place of anxiety and fear, Claire Swinarski reminds us that sometimes the dark simply means that we are planted and waiting to bloom. Drawing upon her experiences, the wisdom of the saints, and inspirational stories, In Full Bloom is an encouraging read for anyone looking for a little hope.” 

    Sr. Brittany Harrison, F.M.A.
    Editorial and social media manager
    Salesian Sisters, St. Joseph Province

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