Lessons from a Troubadour

A Lifetime of Parables, Prose, and Stories
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Publication date: September 21, 2018

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Master singer-storyteller John Michael Talbot’s concert meditations—heard and appreciated by millions of concert-goers over the last half-century—are now available in this unique volume. This collection of parables and stories reveals Talbot’s mystical, monastic heart and gives him an opportunity to present the Christian faith in holy and ordinary language.

As John Michael Talbot’s music became more popular over the years, he began to immerse himself in the teachings of the contemplatives, mystics, and monastic fathers and mothers of the Christian tradition. In time he began to share some of that teaching with his audiences between songs during concerts and during retreats, parish missions, and diocesan conventions. While on stage, this Grammy-winning contemporary Christian music pioneer is known as much for his stories between songs as he is for his playing and singing.

Fans of Talbot—the founder and spiritual father of an integrated monastic community—will savor his wise reflections on the mystery of the Trinity, the intimate love of Jesus, the Sermon on the Mount as the heart of Christian teaching, and the need to find what he calls our own “inner room” for prayer and contemplation.

Lessons from a Troubadour gathers this material into book form for the first time.  Talbot’s words open an important window into understanding the Catholic faith. Both inspiring and practical, you’ll find ways to apply it to your daily life as well.

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Pages: 192

Trim size: 5.5 x 8.5 inches

ISBN: 9781594718458

Imprint: Ave Maria Press

John Michael Talbot’s theological and spiritual reflections, which are a memorable part of his concerts, have never been gathered and published.

John Michael Talbot is a Grammy-winning legend of what has become known as Contemporary Christian Music. He is recognized as one of Catholic music's most popular artists with multiplatinum sales and compositions published in hymnals throughout the world.

John Michael Talbot discusses his new book and shares how some of the stories and songs were developed. 

  • “Meditate on these pages and you’ll learn where the beautiful songs came from.”

    “Meditate on these pages and you’ll learn where the beautiful songs came from. They came from a full life—John Michael Talbot's—and they came from the spiritual realities he’s pursued with a singular passion. His melodies have been with me for decades. These pages have the same staying power.”

    Mike Aquilina
    Author of A History of the Church in 100 Objects

  • “Almost a spiritual tell-all.”

    “John Michael Talbot is one of Christian music’s most well-known artists, and a man who has given everything he has to follow Jesus the Lord. Though he has written nearly forty books, Lessons from a Troubadour stands out from all the rest. Almost journal-like, these parables, prose, and stories are folksy, deep, revelatory, and vetted from millions of miles of road ministry. From the crazy pancake breakfast that inspired the magnificent song 'Holy is His Name,”' to his thoughts on the landmark recordings The Lord’s Supper and the Painter, this book is almost a spiritual tell-all.”

    Tom Booth
    Composer and artist, speaker, retreat leader, and spiritual director

  • “You will be inspired.”

    “To understand theological truths is great, but to see theological truths in everyday life is transforming. When the mundane becomes an adventure you know that God is with you. You will be inspired by John Michael’s observations and insights as he has not only been walking with the Lord for a long time, but seeing things we often miss.”

    Jeff Cavins
    Founder of The Great Adventure Bible Study

  • “An inspiration to all who hear him.”

    “John Michael Talbot has put his deep love for the Lord and his extraordinary musical talent at the service of the Church. His dedication to Christ will be an inspiration to all who hear him.”

    Most Rev. Peter Sartain
    Archbishop of Seattle

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