Let Go of Your Fear

Choosing to Trust Jesus in Life's Stormy Times
Author: Gary Zimak

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Format: Paperback

Publication date: March 25, 2022

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Worry begins with fear.

And events in our time—pandemic, war, political division, hate—are making us both worried and fearful. Gary Zimak, author of the bestselling Give Up Worry for Lent!, wants to help you find hope in God no matter what life sends your way.

Zimak explores two Gospel stories of Jesus calming storms—and his disciples—to show you how to manage the big feelings of fear in your life. His practical retelling of the familiar stories, when Jesus is asleep in the boat and when he walks across the water toward his disciples, is an invitation to encounter the Lord in the midst of your own storms and move from discouragement to courage and away from anxiety and toward hope.

Fear is like a smoke alarm, Zimak says. It’s designed to warn you of impending danger so you can take appropriate action—and maybe even save your life. But often your internal alarm system is too sensitive. As a result, you’re afraid when you shouldn’t be.

“We’re afraid because we don’t believe that God loves us, is with us, and is bigger than our problems,” Zimak writes.

In Let Go of Your Fear, you’ll discover:

  • No matter how bad things look, there is always hope.
  • God allows storms in your life to remind you to rely on him.
  • God is sometimes silent but he is never absent.
  • Jesus understands our feelings. He experienced them, too.
  • Fear is a natural emotion that signals an opportunity for trust.
  • When you start to sink, let go of self-sufficiency and reach for Jesus.
  • Jesus’s peace is most powerful mid-storm.

Perfect for individual or group use, each chapter of Let Go of Your Fear includes reflection questions to help you identify the times and places you are most likely to wrestle with fear and to guide you to establish new habits that move you away from discouragement and anxiety toward greater faith, hope, and trust.

Product Details

Pages: 160

Trim size: 5 x 7 inches

ISBN: 9781646801299

Imprint: Ave Maria Press

  • “Personal and practical.”

    “Personal and practical and uplifted on every page by deep faith, this book will bring consolation and inspiration to many.”

    Deacon Greg Kandra
    Creator of The Deacon’s Bench

  • “A home run.”

    “Gary Zimak hits a home run with this book! No other Christian author can help you chase away fear better than he does. This book is a soothing balm to a weary, worried, world.”

    Gigi Ferguson
    Host of Inspired by Faith Book Club

  • “The resource that pastors and ministry leaders need.”

    “Zimak clearly shows that it is the Lord who can bring ultimate peace to us, even when we don’t understand how or why something is happening. This book is the resource that pastors and ministry leaders need to help people find peace in the presence of the God who made us and loves us, and who can help us calm the storms in our lives.”

    Fr. Dan Pacholec
    Pastor of Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament Parish
    Westfield, Massachusetts 

  • “Unceasing hope for the hopeless.”

    “In a style uniquely his own, Zimak reminds each of us that it's not enough just to think about Jesus, but we are called to pray to Jesus. Zimak's writing gives unceasing hope to the hopeless and reminds us: Jesus loves you!”

    Dorothy Pilarski
    Founder of CatholicMomsGroup.com

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