Be Restored

Healing Our Sexual Wounds through Jesus’ Merciful Love
Author: Bob Schuchts
Afterword by: Mark Toups

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Format: Paperback

Publication date: September 24, 2021

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Winner of a third-place award in the healing and self-help category from the Catholic Media Association.

We all have sexual wounds—some caused by over-sexualized culture, some by our personal choices, and some through the actions of others. Have you struggled with wounds from sexual abuse and molestation, pornography use, infidelity, divorce, sexual identity confusion, genophobia, or unwanted sexual compulsions?

In Be Restored, bestselling and award-winning author Bob Schuchts of the John Paul II Healing Center offers you concrete steps for healing and wholeness, relying on a combination of clinical expertise, Catholic theology, and personal experience as a survivor to guide you.

An essential guide to healing sexual wounds, Be Restored speaks to our deepest longing for sexual wholeness. It reveals the way to be freed from debilitating shame, sexual compulsions and sin, identity confusion, and wounds in psychosexual development. You will discover the reasons behind your emotional pain and how it’s connected to your sexual wounds—whether those wounds come from acute moments of sexual trauma in the past or from the more subtle trauma of living in our sex-saturated world.

Speaking from his own experience of sexual woundedness and his professional background as a marriage and family therapist, Schuchts—the bestselling author of Be Healed—is sensitive to the shame of sexual wounds. In Be Restored, he compassionately guides readers through a comprehensive understanding of potential areas of sexual wounds and shame. He then lays out a practical roadmap for restoring sexual wholeness.

Each chapter in Be Restored contains “Take a Moment” reflections and personal activities that include prayer and scripture-based exercises, emotional mapping, and thought-provoking reflection questions.

Four appendices offer specific instructions and prayers for restoring sexual wholeness.

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Pages: 256

Trim size: 6 x 9 inches

ISBN: 9781646800230

Imprint: Ave Maria Press

In this episode of Restore the Glory, Jake Khym and Bob Schuchts speak with Renee Lemire, a podcast listener who used Schuchts’s book, Be Restored as a guide for a personal healing retreat that led to tremendous healing. Her story has aspects that are common to us all, and we pray that this gives you hope that healing in your own life is possible and doesn’t need to be costly or complicated.

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  • “Challenging, comforting, convicting.”

    “This book will challenge you, comfort you, convict you, and call you to a deeper love than you ever knew was possible but always ached to experience.”

    From the foreword by Sr. Miriam James Heidland, S.O.L.T.
    Author of Loved As I Am

  • “It's hard to imagine anyone who doesn't need to read this book.”

    “It's hard to imagine anyone in our culture today who doesn't need to read this book. It gets to the source of so many of our struggles and helps remove the obstacles to our faith, our identity, and our efforts to live a whole and abundant life in Christ.”

    Carrie Gress
    Author of The Marian Option

  • “A desperately needed book.”

    “This is a desperately needed book. Be Restored gets to the heart of our sexual brokenness and offers lasting healing and restoration.”

    Matt Fradd
    Author of The Porn Myth 

  • “The world needs this book now more than ever!”

    “Bob Schuchts shows us that mercy is not a quick fix. Mercy is power. It leaves us stronger for our wounds that have been healed. The world needs this book now more than ever!”

    Scott Hahn
    Catholic theologian and author

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