Be Devoted

Restoring Friendship, Passion, and Communion in Your Marriage
Author: Bob Schuchts
Foreword by: Christopher West
Foreword by: Wendy West

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Format: Paperback

Publication date: February 21, 2020

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Winner of a third-place award for marriage and family life books from the Catholic Media Association.

Drawing from his popular healing conferences, forty years of marriage, and decades of clinical work as a couple’s therapist, bestselling author Bob Schuchts presents his first resource for married and engaged couples and those who desire true love in their relationships: Be Devoted. This highly anticipated guide delivers sound Catholic teaching, rich storytelling, and practical tools for healing, along with psychological insights and expertise to help couples create a relationship that is rich in trust, passion, and unity.

The key to a healthy and passionate marriage is as simple as fostering genuine love and affection, or devotion, according to retired couple’s therapist and healing expert Bob Schuchts of the John Paul II Healing Center. True devotion only develops, however, when both spouses take responsibility for their actions and emotional wounds—something each of us brings to all of our relationships. These wounds, which are often rooted in childhood and past relationships, exist in all of us to some degree, making it difficult for couples to cultivate friendship, resolve conflicts, and build trust.

Drawing on the riches of St. John Paul II’s theology of the body, Be Devoted is an essential guide to healing from these wounds within your marriage, while providing practical tools for cultivating unity. The first part of the book focuses on building intimacy, unity, and communion, and the second part offers wisdom and guidance for restoring trust when it is damaged. You’ll find practical tools for cultivating intimacy, resolving conflicts, and restoring sexual passion.

To help you engage deeply and prayerfully, Be Devoted includes:

  • Take A Moment reflection questions
  • prayer guides for couples
  • scripts for apologizing and tackling difficult discussions
  • practical ways for understanding and working through conflicts
  • spiritual exercises for healing past wounds
  • prompts for journaling
  • appendices with extended prayer exercises and resources

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Pages: 224

Trim size: 6 x 9 inches

ISBN: 9781594718977

Imprint: Ave Maria Press

A Note from the Author

I have a burning desire to pass on the graces I have received. I have a longing to see every marriage formed in God’s unfailing truth and healed by his merciful love. I believe this is possible for every couple and for every person who has struggled in any kind of relationship. I have witnessed firsthand in my own marriage, and in the lives of many others, how Jesus’ healing love and his eternal truths can transform our lives and relationships. No matter where you are in your life circumstances, I believe this practical guide will be a source of help and encouragement to you personally.

—Bob Schuchts

Find Healing and Reconciliation in Your Marriage

Be Devoted offers wisdom and guidance for restoring trust when it is damaged in marriage. The book also provides scripts for apologizing tackling difficult discussions, practical ways for understanding and working through conflicts, and spiritual exercises for healing past wounds.

Drawing on the riches of St. John Paul II’s theology of the body, Be Devoted is an essential guide to healing from these wounds within your marriage, while providing practical tools for cultivating unity.

Learn About the Five Key Areas of Unity in Marriage

Heart to Heart: Emotional Intimacy

There is nothing like that feeling of falling in love and feeling deeply connected to your beloved. Trusting you will be received and cherished, you can share almost anything and everything. Be Devoted talks about how emotional intimacy is key to a lasting marriage. Bob Schuchts gives readers expert advice on keeping this intimacy alive in marriage.

Hand in Hand: Daily Companionship

Be Devoted explains how companionship in marriage is extremely important. We are all created with a basic innate need for companionship. We need to know that we belong and that our presence is desired by another human being. This sense of joyful belonging is what makes daily companionship so vital to a good marriage.

Side by Side: Cooperative Teamwork

Be Devoted emphasizes the value of teamwork in marriage. It is impossible to be of one mind and heart unless each spouse imitates and incarnates Christ’s Spirit by giving of themselves for the good of the other.

Rooted in Christ: Spiritual Unity

Marriages that are immersed in God’s all-encompassing love allow couples to remain connected with him and with each other. Be Devoted talks about how to practice spiritual unity in marriage to help couples avoid leaving that protective covering of God’s love and wandering off on their own so that they don't put themselves and their marriages in jeopardy.

Body and Soul: Sexual Fulfillment

Be Devoted gets to the roots of true intimacy of body and soul in marriage by following God’s intention. If we properly understand the “language of the body,” we can see that man and woman are “made for each other.” God created male and female in such a way that sexual union is meant to be a source of intense pleasure, nourishing intimacy, and abundant fruitfulness.

  • “Essential reading.”

    Be Devoted is essential reading for any engaged or married couple wanting to live a Christ-centered life together.”

    Curtis and Michaelann Martin
    Founders of FOCUS

  • “A tremendous gift.”

    “This book will be a tremendous gift to all married and engaged couples and those who minister to them.”

    From the foreword by Christopher and Wendy West
    Theology of the Body Institute

  • “Piercingly honest.”

    “This piercingly honest and revealing work, born out of Bob Schuchts’s own life and thirty-five years of private practice as a marriage and family therapist, will deeply impact your heart and life with its wisdom, grace, and inspiration. If you are looking to build trust, intimacy, joy, and passion in your marriage, you need this book!”

    Sr. Miriam James Heidland, S.O.L.T.
    Author of Loved as I Am 

  • “Not just another book about marriage.”

    “Be Devoted is not just another book about marriage. Bob Schuchts draws upon his own deep experience and the treasure of Catholic theology to offer a tremendous resource to married couples and to the Church. This book, both practical and profound, stands to unlock the full potential of married love to the power of God’s healing grace.”

    Fr. John Burns
    Author of Lift Up Your Heart

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