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Publication date: March 1, 1999

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This revised and expanded edition of Francis MacNutt's bestselling book Healing, which has more than 400,000 copies in its lifetime, provides a context within which to understand healing. For more than forty years, MacNutt has shared the profound wisdom of his ministry of healing prayer. MacNutt’s bestselling classic, Healing, explores how prayer has the capability to restore both the spiritually and physically wounded. Healing is a comprehensive guide to the roots of the healing ministry, the varieties of healing, and the close tie between healing and the sacraments.

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Pages: 272

Trim size: 6 x 9 inches

ISBN: 9780877936763

Imprint: Ave Maria Press

  • “Practical guide for how to pray for healing.”

    “Francis MacNutt is a pioneer in the modern healing movement. For decades I have learned from his wisdom, and I regularly use Healing as a reference. Francis writes and speaks with the unmistakable authority that flows out of a mature faith in Jesus. His tenderness and compassion for those who are suffering shines through every page. I highly recommend this book. It is a practical guide for how to pray for healing and a classic in the field.”

    Bob Schuchts
    Author of Be Healed

  • “Comprehensive, authoritative.”

    “Good medicine from a wise, compassionate healer for what ails today's church. After correctly diagnosing the church's reluctance to fully acknowledge and appropriate the healing ministry of Jesus, he prescribes sound, balanced treatment that will satisfy the hunger and thirst of those who seek God's healing power, yet bind the wounds created by overzealous and fraudulent healing practitioners. This is a comprehensive, authoritative, and ultimately transformative work that will engender healing for many persons for many years to come.”

    Dale Matthews, M.D.
    Author of The Faith Factor

  • “Most scholarly and comprehensive.”

    ““The most scholarly and comprehensive book on Christian healing that I have ever read… It is a book on the love and power of the risen Christ.”

    Agnes Sanford

  • “I highly recommend it.”

    “Francis MacNutt's Healing is one of the two most important books I have ever read on healing. I highly recommend it.”

    Randy Clark
    Founder and President of Global Awakening
    and the Apostolic Network of Global Awakening

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