Letters to My Brothers

Words of Hope and Challenge for Priests

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Format: Paperback

Publication date: October 28, 2013


Msgr. Stephen J. Rossetti is the leading expert on the state of the American Catholic priesthood. In this collection of letters to his brother priests, he both affirms their work and challenges them to renew their commitment to holiness and fidelity to their vocations, reminding them of the profound joy at the heart of their lives.

Letters to My Brothers: Words of Hope and Challenge for Priests is a collection of personal letters from Msgr. Stephen Rossetti, former director of Saint Luke Institute, to his brother priests. Rossetti writes to priests, affirming their dedication and generosity. He acknowledges the heavy demands priests face and the negative opinion many have of the priesthood in the wake of the sexual abuse scandal, but he also calls them to ongoing conversion through a stronger prayer life, a deeper devotion to Mary, and greater care for their health and well-being. Through it all, Rossetti reminds his readers of what research has consistently borne out—that priests are happy and fulfilled in their vocations.

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Pages: 192

Trim size: 5.5 x 8.5 inches

ISBN: 9781594714610

Imprint: Ave Maria Press

  • “Encouraging, poignant, and often challenging.”

    “In the heart of the Year of Faith and the excitement surrounding the election of Pope Francis, Msgr. Rossetti offers a New Evangelization of sorts for priests. In a heartfelt collection of letters written to his brother priests, Rossetti gives witness to hope and new life within the context of priestly ministry as we move into the future as Church. With a spirit of profound humility, his letters are encouraging, poignant, and often challenging: filled with courageous zeal for the priesthood of Jesus Christ. Priests and seminarians alike will find wisdom, thoughtful reflection, and love to spur them on in their lives and ministries as they point others to encounter our risen Lord, Jesus Christ.”

    Msgr. Ross A. Shecterle
    Rector of Sacred Heart School of Theology

  • “Letters of gratitude from a joyful priest.”

    “Letters are the classical style in which friends communicate their deepest desires and sentiments to one another. For two thousand years in our Catholic tradition, we have used letters to both individuals and communities in order to encourage, inspire, and challenge. Msgr. Rossetti has done just that in this book. These letters of gratitude from a joyful priest remind us how blessed each of us is by the ministry of priests in our lives. For those of us who have been called to the priesthood, he reminds us of the privilege and awesome responsibility to faithfully live it out as servants and friends of Jesus Christ. Rossetti encourages each of us to allow the New Evangelization to be made manifest through our life and ministry.”

    Msgr. David L. Toups
    Rector of St. Vincent de Paul Regional Seminary
    Boynton Beach, Florida

  • “These letters will benefit any priest or bishop who reads them.”

    “These letters will benefit any priest or bishop who reads them. They are written by a happy and holy priest who has spent many years working with brothers who have, sadly, lost their way. This experience gives his meditations a particular depth, pungency, and power. Msgr. Rossetti knows that the priesthood is, for the vast majority of priests, a path that leads to tremendous fulfillment, peace, and joy. This collection of beautifully written essays shows forth his love for the priesthood and for those who strive to walk this challenging and wonderful path.”

    Rev. Robert Barron
    Word on Fire Catholic Ministries

  • “What a refreshing read!”

    “The media would have us believe that priests are unhealthy, unhappy, and unhinged! Baloney! Msgr. Rossetti, who is well aware of the struggles of priests, shows them to be men of hope who inspire hope. What a refreshing read!”

    Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan
    Archbishop of New York

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