The Joy of Priesthood


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Publication date: September 1, 2005


In the last few years, the priesthood has been challenged by crisis and tension. Addressing this crisis, licensed psychologist and director of the Saint Luke Institute, Fr. Stephen Rossetti stresses that psychology can be effective in enriching the lives of priests, and the priesthood itself, if it works with a basis of spirituality. Rossetti invites priests to recognize the dignity of their calling through honest and psychologically based self-assessment because happiness in the priesthood flows from both wholeness and holiness.

Rossetti also highlights the need for systemic changes to coincide with personal conversions. He calls for a change in the culture of clerical life; emphasizes the need for greater accountability, openness and honesty on all levels; demands stronger relationships between bishops and priests; and suggests changes in seminary formation that will address the personal challenges faced by priests.

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Pages: 224

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ISBN: 9781594710667

Imprint: Ave Maria Press

  • “Wonderful clarity and comprehensiveness.”


    “In order to live a joyful priesthood, one must strive for a balanced personal life and a very energetic spiritual life. Msgr. Stephen Rossetti outlines these dimensions extremely well. He has taken on this task with a wonderful clarity and comprehensiveness.”

    Most Rev. David L. Ricken
    Bishop of Green Bay

  • “Refreshing.”


    “Msgr. Rossetti shifts the focus of considering today's priesthood from problems to possibilities. This approach is not only refreshing but necessary, and we all owe him a debt of gratitude.”

    Rev. Louis J. Cameli
    Director of Ongoing Formation of Priests
    Archdiocese of Chicago

  • “Wise and encouraging reflections.”


    “Msgr. Rossetti is uniquely qualified to give sound practical advice to Catholic priests on how to manage their commitments. His wise and encouraging reflections will be welcomed by many young priests embarking on their ministry and by seasoned priests who feel dry and overburdened. This is a book that will help priests to show forth Jesus as light of the world and will help all readers to understand the challenges and consolations of the priesthood today.”

    Avery Cardinal Dulles, S.J.

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