St. John Paul II [PDF License]

A Five-Day Mini Unit

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Publication date: April 13, 2014

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This five-day mini unit comes complete with lesson plans, video links, student handouts, discussion guides, recommended readings, and short films to help teens rediscover and celebrate the life and influence of St. John Paul II—a saint who lived in their own time and whose canonization is sure to inspire global interest.

Catholic high school theology teachers can teach these five fifty-minute sessions between required units, or as part of Church history and ecclesiology courses. Each day’s format includes an opening discussion, teacher-led presentation or class reading, and a handout. Students will learn about what makes a saint, the early life of St. John Paul II, what distinguished his papacy and teachings, and how to apply his virtues to their own lives. This material can be easily adapted for use by DREs, catechists, and youth ministers.

The Five Lessons

  1. Day 1: What Makes a Saint?

  2. Day 2: The Early Life of St. John Paul II
  3. Day 3: The Papacy of St. John Paul II
  4. Day 4: The Teachings of St. John Paul II
  5. Day 5: Review, Assessment, and Application

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