Still Point

Loss, Longing, and Our Search for God
Author: Regis Martin

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Format: Paperback

Publication date: September 24, 2012


In Still Point: Loss, Longing and Our Search for God Franciscan University professor, popular speaker, and prolific author Regis Martin tells how the deaths of his mother and brother pushed him to revisit all he knew and felt about God and his own deepest desires—and how he came to reconcile the theology he teaches with the lived experience of faith.

Drawing on insights from Christian writers like Lewis, Hopkins, Chesterton, and Eliot, Martin explores the questions at the heart of all human longing: What does it mean to really be lost? What if God doesn’t want us after all? What does Christ’s cry from the cross say about human suffering? Why is it never hopeless to hope?

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Pages: 128

Trim size: 5.5 x 8.5 inches

ISBN: 9781594713415

Imprint: Ave Maria Press

  • “Will not fail to move you and shake you.”

    “Regis Martin probes the deepest wounds we suffer—loss and longing—and presents us with our hope for healing. While we ache, we are 'alive with longing.' This book is as haunting and hypnotic as the poetry on which it depends. Martin applies the 'poetry of the transcendent' as a balm, the first dose in the course of a cure. You will not forget the stories he tells you. His reading of familiar biblical passages will not fail to move you and shake you.”

    Mike Aquilina
    Author of Why Me? When Bad Things Happen

  • “Captivating.”

    Still Point is a captivating look at the most perplexing and unavoidable aspects of life’s voyage. Overwhelmed by desperate desires, which appear to go unnoticed, and then unsatisfied, we are led to see that in the end, love will find a way.”

    Curtis Martin
    President and Founder

  • “Breathtakingly beautiful.”

    “This is a breathtakingly beautiful book that will stir within any reader a longing to deepen their personal relationship with the Person of Jesus Christ.”

    Mike Sullivan
    Catholics United for the Faith

  • “One of Catholicism's trustworthy guides.”

    “Regis Martin is one of Catholicism's trustworthy guides to the spiritual life in all its dimensions—including, as he demonstrates here, its hard and challenging dimensions.”

    George Weigel
    Distinguished Senior Fellow
    Ethics and Public Policy Center

  • “Profound and beautiful.”

    “With the eloquence and poignancy of a poet, Regis Martin gets to the heart of life’s most urgent questions, forging a link between our ‘desperate desires’ and our 'homesickness for God' in this profound and beautiful book.”

    Rev. Peter John Cameron, O.P.

  • “A sage for our time.”

    “Regis Martin is a sage for our time. Here he offers us wisdom for confronting the greatest mystery of life, which is suffering and death. Yet he does so with real grace and poetic wit. Divine truth joined to the practical challenges of human life, that's what we all need, and what Martin offers in abundance. Along with profound insights, you will find encouragement and hope, coming from the God of mercy through the cross of Christ.”

    Scott Hahn
    Author of The Lamb’s Supper

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