The Grace of Enough

Pursuing Less and Living More in a Throwaway Culture
Author: Haley Stewart
Foreword by: Brandon Vogt

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Format: Paperback

Publication date: September 7, 2018

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Winner of a 2020 Catholic Press Association book award (first place, backlist beauty).


Do you ever feel caught in an endless cycle of working harder and longer to get more while enjoying life less? The Stewart family did—and they decided to make a radical change. Popular Catholic blogger and podcaster Haley Stewart explains how a year-long internship on a sustainable farm changed her family’s life for the better, allowing them to live gospel values more intentionally.

When Haley Stewart married her bee-keeping sweetheart, Daniel, they dreamed of a life centered on home and family. But as the children arrived and Daniel was forced to work longer hours at a job he liked less and less, they dared to break free from the unending cycle of getting more yet feeling unfufilled. They sold their Florida home and retreated to Texas to live on a farm with a compost toilet and 650 square feet of space for a family of five. Surprisingly, they found that they had never been happier.

In The Grace of Enough, Stewart shares essential elements of intentional Christian living that her family discovered during that extraordinary year on the farm and that they continue to practice today. You, too, will be inspired to:

  • live simply
  • offer hospitality
  • revive food culture and the family table
  • reconnect with the land
  • nurture community
  • prioritize beauty
  • develop a sense of wonder
  • be intentional about technology
  • seek authentic intimacy
  • center life around home, family, and relationships

Drawing from Pope Francis’s encyclical on the environment, Laudato Si’, Stewart identifies elements of Catholic social teaching that will enhance your life and create a ripple effect of grace to help you overcome the effects of today’s “throwaway” culture and experience a deeper satisfaction and stronger faith.

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Pages: 192

Trim size: 5.5 x 8.5 inches

ISBN: 9781594718175

Imprint: Ave Maria Press

  • “An antidote to throwaway culture.”

    “An antidote to throwaway culture; a blueprint to living a fulfilling life.”

    From the foreword by Brandon Vogt
    Content director of Word on Fire Catholic Ministries and author of Why I Am Catholic (and You Should Be Too)

  • “This book is for you.”

    “If you've ever yearned to make radical changes to your life that will bring you lasting satisfaction, this is the book for you.”

    Jennifer Fulwiler
    SiriusXM radio host and author of Something Other Than God

  • “Our culture is desperately crying out for this message.”

    “The collective conscious of our culture is desperately crying out for this message. Haley Stewart shows how to practically and bravely embrace the profound simplicity of living the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Stewart's book connects with our longings for living the simple but abundant joy of Christ.”

    Leah Darrow
    International Catholic speaker and author of The Other Side of Beauty

  • “Spiritually inspiring.”

    “We loved this fantastic story of faith, family, and discovering the joy of living on less. This book is a spiritually inspiring reminder to pause and reflect on how we can step away from the throwaway culture.”

    Michele Faehnle and Emily Jaminet
    Authors of Divine Mercy for Moms

  • “A powerful living example of Gospel values.”

    “This book offers a beautiful reflection on living with less yet experiencing abundance. It is certainly the challenge of every Catholic to seek the narrow path and to provide for the needs of those who have less. The author and his family offer a powerful living example of that Gospel value.”

    Catholic Press Association

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