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Families of all sizes and types make up the backbone, not only of society but also the Church. The term “domestic church” dates back to the first century and relates to the home—the place where Catholics first learn about the faith and how to be a witness to God’s love.

Ave Explores: Catholic Family Life celebrates the beautiful diversity of families and their role in the Church. From singles to couples with many children and from priests and religious to grandparents and grandchildren, you learn how each family is called to holiness and to share their faith with the world.


Week 1: What Is the Catholic Family?

Week one of Ave Explores: Catholic Family Life examines what it takes for a marriage to thrive. Remaining rooted in prayer, serving and sacrificing for one another, and striving to keep Christ at the center of their relationship gives the Catholic family a foundation upon which to grow.

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Week 2: Striving to Be a Holy Family

Week two of Ave Explores: Catholic Family Life considers how each person in a family is called to holiness and a relationship with Christ.

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Week 3: When Family Life is Unexpectedly Different

This week, Ave Explores: Catholic Family Life looks at how families can strive for holiness and happiness, even when life is challenging.

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Week 4: The Catholic Family in the World

In the final week of Ave Explores: Catholic Family Life, we reflect on how Catholic families can change the world by witnessing to their faith and their commitment to holiness.

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